the W5 on Liam

Liam P. Kiernan is an Irish-born Canadian. He is a published novelist (Blizzard Kin and Wishbone Alley) and a prolific screenwriter living in Montreal and working on film productions in both Toronto and Montreal.

He has now completed his neo-noir crime film “Die-o-rama”, an engaging father/son story shrouded in subterfuge and compelling morbid drama. The narrative revolves around a coroner dealing with the discovery of a body-parts smuggling ring operating right under his nose. The  2018 feature film is now released worldwide on the Vimeo-on-Demand VOD internet platform with the QR code nested herein directing one to the Vimeo streaming site.

Liam made his directorial debut with a half-hour comedy TV pilot “A Little off the Top” (starring Sean Cullen, Greg Neale and Phil Nichol of the renowned comedy troupe Corky and the Juice Pigs) an urban comedy centered around the lunacy of three street buskers for which he garnered a nomination for a Canadian Comedy Award in 2000 for writing and directing.

He is presently finishing up “Patent Pending” the second installment of his planned Gibber-Jabs 13-part TV series based on the three whacked-out characters established in “A Little off the Top” and adapted from his second novel Wishbone Alley. Projects in development include completed screenplays based on both of his books as well as several other original works.

His first feature film “Science Friction”, a 90 minute science-fiction neo-horror picture (a homage to 1980’s horror stylings) which he directed, produced and co-wrote was launched on the iTunes platform in 2013.

With extensive production experience in both film and television, the aspects broaden with his burgeoning acting skills in both theatre and film complimented by his trained musical background — not to mention his appreciation for a well laid welding-bead and mortise-and-tenon joints.